I always have the tendency to own more knowledge, in every aspect of my interest. Yet in the end, I lost the focus and the reason why I seek these wisdom. The things that pushed me, often time is driven by my selfish desire. Yet, the act is often tiring, because I am a limited person. I can't own them all. I need to find a direction, where I can really grow and shine. Maybe, it is this element called discipline...



Finally on the first day of 2009, Perceiving Eyes is launched! Eventhough it is not yet a complete website, but at least a homepage is up XD. Hopefully i will spend some time to create a flash banner in the coming future and some cool CSS experiment in this website! Enjoy and be inspired!


Christmas isn't Christmas

MGC english service Christmas celebration 2008. ... is soon :)


Adobe Premier Pro CS3 Basic Workshop

Thanks to Applebox Pictures teams and John Hii for their passion towards media softwares.

Eventhough the purpose of the workshop is to taste the water, but the respond is good. The workshop is just fantastic and it really gives me a lot of insight and extra knowledge. It is amazing to see how Premier had developed. The interface focus so much on interactivity as well as the flexibility. At the first glance, it might be confusing, but as the user explore the interface, it is quite easy to get hold of the idea at the end of the day. Nevertheless, the software is no doubt a powerful tool for video editing. A lot of built in what-u-see and what-u-get default option is included such as the fade in and fade out transition for both video and audio.

And, for home video or a simple montage, it can be easily done through out the software. User can explore the variety of the effects and of course, simplicity is always complexity :)

According to John, the CS4 is coming out at the end of this September and more features will be added in for exploration. The media is just too quick in these modern era, and it is so much to learn and update. But i am glad for this opportunity to upgrade myself, and I hope there will be more media workshop to be held in the future.

As always, i hope to see a revolution of graphic perspective in Miri. People here are just taking too much advantage on them; and exploiting them to the max!

We are the professional with the "Eyes" to solve "graphic" problems. Give us a chance!


Jejak Medianlabs @ CSM

No more "Nature Disaster" (Typhoon)

Peace is restored in CSM.

Thanks to the Medianites and their super weapon and skills!



Such joy!
The Almighty God keeps His promise,
and listens to prayers!

The time is now and has come!

2 years before and after, how the Seed grow!

Praise the Lord that he has choose You!
O Praise the Lord!

been 8 years, but You never forsake me.
3 more to go and I will be waiting,
and faithfully I will pray

may the sweet sense of Salvation will fill up the whole house!



Lost memory

The shelther when we were out there.

No longer there...

No longer there...

The empty house,

was once full of life

No longer there...

No longer there...

All that is left, is only the memory,

only you and I know,

but you have left,

without a trace,

and when I came back,

everything is just too late,

cos you were no longer there...

A memory for Antie Chong and Uncle Zhang. 19??-2008
picture taken using my F80, photo shooting assignment at 2004